Things I Learned in Engineering Leadership Team at Bazaar, in 2022 πŸ“ˆ
Things I Learned in Engineering Leadership Team at Bazaar, in 2022 πŸ“ˆ

Things I Learned in Engineering Leadership Team at Bazaar, in 2022 πŸ“ˆ

In 2022, I got the opportunity to become part of Engineering Leadership Team at Bazaar, and added following things to my knowledge and experience. It’s hard to remember everything, but I have tried best to recall memories and have shared them below.

I learned …

Engineering Organisation 🏒

  1. Importance of having an Engineering Vision and Engineering Metrics for your Team
  2. How to manage engineering workspace for
    1. Content management and organising documents
    2. Notes taking
    3. Task management
  3. How to use slack for effective communication by using
    1. Integrations
    2. Channeling different conversations
  4. How Platform Engineering help standardise Tech and reduce cognitive load of Product Engineering Teams
  5. How Data and Analytics Teams enable business take right decisions

Engineering Leadership πŸƒπŸ»

  1. What Engineering Leadership does in an organisation
  2. Joined Engineering Leadership Communities on slack like LeadDev and CTOCraft
  3. Mentorship from other Companies for Engineering Leaders. For e.g. Augmeta , GetDx
  4. Different ways to do performance management, specially in teams where people collaborate consistently (using XP methodology for software development)
  5. How to setup interview and hiring process for Software Engineers
  6. Presentations to Executives should be short and precise
  7. How to form Engineering Teams and make changes in them to test System Effectiveness
  8. To be decisive in meetings as they march towards completion

Engineering Management / Coaching πŸ—£οΈ

  1. Engineering Coaching / Management for people who have been Engineers in past
    1. Coaching People to be effective mentors / coaches
    2. Technical Coaching to deliver quality products faster
  2. Every colleague has different ambitions and should have their own Growth Path
  3. Possible Growth opportunities for an Engineer in an organisation
  4. 1:1s should be conversations rather formal meetings

Engineering Strategy 🎯

  1. How RFCs / Design Docs help Teams align and sync better
  2. How Technology Radar helps engineers review Technology Stack in a fast paced Organisation
  3. Importance of fixing Security Issues in Applications
  4. What to DO / NOT DO when an Incident occurs
  5. How eXtreme Programming help deliver customer value faster
  6. Using CNCF to avoid vendor lock in
  7. Core Engineering :
    1. Backend and Architecture : Architecture Unit tests, Clean Architecture, CQRS , c4Model
    2. Reliability : SLI and SLOs, RED Metrics, Grafana Stack
    3. Practices : Coding Katas
    4. XP : Effective Mobbing
    5. Platform Engineering : Regularly updating / patching and enhancing technology, Help Engineers reduce Cognitive Load with continuous learning about infrastructure

Credits :

I am really thankful to all the people who made my 2022 interesting by providing me challenges and opportunities.

A huge shout out to all my colleagues πŸ‘₯ who have played an amazing role in my growth. πŸ™‡

πŸ“„ Looking forward for an exciting 2023 🎊 in’sha’Allah