How I Turn My Ideas πŸ’‘ And Experiences into Stunning Posts πŸ“ with Notion and Super

If you're looking for a way to efficiently convert your small ideas, learnings, and experiences into beautiful posts, I can attest that Notion is the answer.

With its simple yet powerful features, Notion has helped me streamline my content creation process and maximise my productivity.

Here's how I do it:

1. Storing Ideas in 'Brainstorming area'

I jot down my ideas in my "Brainstorming area" page in Notion (which is easily and quickly accessible) as they come to me (this could be through personal experiences or something new I've learned). This page is easily accessible for me via mobile or laptop.


2. Moving Ideas to the 'Posts Database’

I set aside time once or twice a week to review what's in my "Brainstorming Area." I collect points and try to put the pieces of my idea or learning together. If it looks exciting, I give it a title and move it to my "Posts" database with a status of "Not Started."


3. Assigning Priorities to Posts in the Database

In my "Posts" database, I have a collection of posts. I assign each post a priority which can be seen in above image.

4. Working on the Highest Priority Post

I use the Table View in my "Posts" database, sorted by priority, to pick the highest priority post to work on. I move it to "In Progress."


5. Organising and Structuring the Content

I organise the content I've collected into clear, readable headings, and apply intuitive styling to make it further readable. I also ask ChatGPT for help improving my sentences.


  1. Apply headings
  2. Focus on important keywords / message
  3. Colour headings
  4. Apply proper space and tabs for better readability

6. Publishing the Completed Post

When my post is ready and ready to be shared with the public, I mark its status as "Done."


7. Displaying Completed Posts on the Website Homepage

My post automatically shows up on the homepage of my website which is built on super.so, as home page of my website is linked to page in notion.

Thanks to the "Posts" database list view filtered to show only posts with a status of "Done."


With these simple steps, I've been able to easily convert my ideas into beautiful posts using Notion. I hope my experience can help you as well!