React Course Summary - Session 1 - Inception

React Course Summary - Session 1 - Inception

Course Title : Namaste React Live 🚀 - From Zero to Hero in 8 weeks

Course Teacher : Akshay Saini

The mission:

The mission of this course is to take the student from Zero to Hero in React. During this 8-week journey, the student will learn everything in live classes and then implement it by building projects.

What’s Unique in this course ?:

The outline of the course covers for both students and professionals.

We’re not only learning react, but all the amazing concepts about modern web development. Even the minor details and small concepts, that we might not know are taught in a very relaxing and funny way 😄

Library vs Framework:

  1. Library - takes minimum effort to put inside our code - a piece of code (classes and functions)
  2. Framework - full fledged - inverts the control of program

Tools and Extensions Required:

We’re using VSCode as IDE and Google Chrome as Browser.

Following are important VSCode extensions that help in development

  1. Better Comments
  2. Bracket Pair Colorisation
  3. ES7+ React Redux
  4. Git Lens
  5. ES Lint
  6. Prettier - Code Formatter
  7. VSCode Icons

Learning React

  1. We’ll be using React version 18
  2. We’ll be using react and reactDOM javascript scripts in html file
  3. Difference between React and ReactDOM package (that made it clear that react is a generic library)
  4. Learned about React.createElement
  5. Project was run in browser using file protocol ( file:// )

Code reference

Reference to code commit what we learn in this session :


We were asked to learn about Emmet (generate boiler plate code)

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